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Create Sustainable Change through Intention

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Ever wonder why most people do not succeed in maintaining and realizing their New Year’s resolutions?  In fact, studies estimate that 92 percent of people fail to achieve the goals they commit to on New Year’s Day.  That is astounding!

My thought is that one of the contributing factors to this alarming failure rate is that when we make a resolution, we are reflecting a view that something is inherently “wrong” with us, and that it needs to be corrected in order for us to measure up.  If you start from the view point that you are somewhat defective, you are looking to change with one strike already against you.  Then, when you fail to achieve what you set out to achieve, it only proves your point…there is something wrong with you…and now you have proof.  Hence, you are then worse off than when you set out to make your resolution.

I would like to offer another view and another strategy that has a greater likelihood that you will be successful.  The view is this: there is absolutely nothing “wrong” with you.  You are perfect as you are; all you may need to do is to “adjust course”.  Any time something is not working for you, all you have to do is adjust the course you are on.  If you were sailing and had set a course for your journey and suddenly the winds shifted, you would not stubbornly stay the course.  That would be absurd and dangerous.  Instead, you would assess the situation and you would adjust your course.  The same applies to things in your life that you would like to see changed or that require a change.  Framing it in that way enables you to start from a place of empowerment.  This way, you are in control and empowered to make the change.

And this is how you put the strategy into play: the critical element is creating an intention.  Where the mind goes, action will follow.  So, begin this whole process by setting an intention for yourself.  It could be an intention for the year, for the month, for the day.  All that matters is that it be concrete, clear and concise.  Remember, you are in control, so you can adjust the intention as you see fit.  If conditions change during the time period for your intention, all you need to do is “change course”.

It is deceivingly simple: start from the knowledge that you are perfect as you are.  The Universe created you perfectly.  You just may need to periodically change course to be the best you can be.  And, now create an intention that reflects your deepest desires.  Napoleon Hill put it well when he said, “if you can conceive it, you can achieve it”.

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