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Do You Know Your Life’s Purpose?

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I find that sooner or later, most people ponder why they are here, what their purpose in life is, and what they are meant to do.  Somehow, as humans, we all have this nagging little feeling that there is something … Continue reading

Life Is Fragile. Treat it with Presence.

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As humans we often overlook the impermanence of life.  It’s not as if we don’t know that everything and every life are impermanent.  But, rather we go about our lives as if everything is permanent.  Until, in one surprising moment, … Continue reading

Don’t Underestimate the Importance of a Relaxed Body

A relaxed body is vitally important, because it is your gateway to a relaxed and calm mind.  In my experience, one of the most common complaints and concerns people have is that the mind is agitated, busy, and at times … Continue reading

Queen’s Executive Education – Strategic Mindfulness & Resilience

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Create Sustainable Change through Intention

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Ever wonder why most people do not succeed in maintaining and realizing their New Year’s resolutions?  In fact, studies estimate that 92 percent of people fail to achieve the goals they commit to on New Year’s Day.  That is astounding! My … Continue reading

The True Spirit of Christmas in Action

Every so often you see such a display of love, compassion and humility that it needs to be shared.  In the last blog I talked about reflecting on the true meaning of Christmas.  In this blog, you will see a … Continue reading

Reflecting on the Meaning of Christmas

The holiday season is quickly approaching and we are a week away for Christmas Day.  The busyness and stress level are palpable.  There is more on the To Do lists than time available.  Shopping is at a feverish pitch.  And … Continue reading

Taking a Pause on November 11th

I always think of November 11th as a time to pause and be still, not just at 11:00am, but, all day.  When you do, you realize the enormity of this day.  We are pausing for so much.  First and foremost … Continue reading

True Awakening Requires a Balance Between Compassion and Wisdom

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There is no real awakening without deep compassion. One may have insights and wisdom, having “entered the Stream” (traditionally the initial point of Awakening). But, if wisdom out paces compassion, there can be a serious imbalance. In fact, wisdom without … Continue reading

Chicago Tribune Article: Zen Commute Can Take You to a Better Place

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I was recently interviewed by Alison Bowen of the Chicago Tribune about how to experience the daily commute with greater ease. She called the article: Zen Commute Can Take You to a Better Place.  I hope you enjoy the article. … Continue reading

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