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An Act of Kindness Can Change the World…

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An act of kindness can change the world…especially your world.  There are few words to describe the impact of such an act.  It may be random; it may be deliberate.  The act may seem small.  But, we never know whose heart we touch and the impact we have.  And in so doing, what we may not immediately realize is that with each kindness, we are creating a “reservoir of happiness” within ourselves.  Our Spirit knows when we have done something for another, been kind, been of service, and the only possible outcome is happiness.  It is a joy that wells up within the being and can not help but be shared.  Because what else could one possibly do with happiness?  In fact, when we share happiness it grows.  And as we share it, the world we touch changes and our world changes.

Thai Life Insurance has created a beautiful commercial that illustrates this perfectly.  Words are unnecessary. The message is crystal clear.  My suggestion is to meditate as you are watching.  Be fully present and aware, to the best of your ability.  And in so doing, you will witness an incredible Mindful leader!


I would like to thank Daria Love for passing along this link.




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One Response to An Act of Kindness Can Change the World…

  1. cheryl green says:

    These simple , simple messages ring so true .
    Thank you for reminding us ; we need them again and again .