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A Mindful Leader Engenders Trust

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As a leader you are trusted when you are “impeccable” which is one of the 9 Ways.

Everyone knows how important trust is in any relationship, personal or professional. To say you have the trust of your clients, your employees, your team, is an invaluable asset.

In fact, trust is a leading indicator of success for any strategic alliance. Without trust there is no progress, no creativity, no innovation.

But as a leader how do you create trust? The answer is simple. You create trust by your deeds. Trust is an outcome. When your deeds are impeccable people around you notice. People notice what you do far more than what you say. And when your words and deeds are not aligned they discount what you say.

It is worth remembering that what you do when no one is watching matters…it matters greatly. It says you can be trusted, that you are impeccable and that you are a Mindful leader.

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